Lest we Forget the ultimate teammates


On a day like today I am reminded on how we in Software Development sometimes take ourselves and our opinions too seriously. We treat people with differing opinions as enemies we are at war against. We in the Agile community sometimes criticize those in the traditional community as not trusting employees and being stuck in the past. People in the traditional community sometimes criticize Agile proponents as being cowboys and not understanding why certain  business processes like estimating and budgeting are required. We need to ask ourselves if we are truly seeking to understand the position of the person we are yelling at.

Are we interested in learning and growing or just yelling and being right?

But today, we should put those differences aside and respect those men and women who went before us and made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live the way we do today.

These men and women were the ultimate teammates. They were willing to give their lives so that our country and our way of life could thrive. They left loved ones and children behind and made the ultimate sacrifice.

I encourage everyone to take an hour to break and watch the ceremonies today. Even better, make your next book selection a book about a war and the sacrifices the veterans made. I also encourage you to volunteer to assist veterans after they come home.

I believe that by respecting their sacrifice we are not glorifying war. Like all good teammates we should respect the decisions made by other teammates as we can not fully appreciate the context of their situation. We should always seek to understand their situation and sacrifice. It is the ultimate hubris to think we know better now.

That is the least we can do.

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