My SQL Saturday Experience #SQLsat175

I just recently completed my presentation at SQL Saturday in Fargo. The experience was excellent. The facilities at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Centre in Fargo were outstanding. Very impressive organization throughout the entire event. I am very much looking forward to presenting at future SQL Saturdays.

I was presenting on my experiences installing and configuring SSRS and SharePoint over the last few months. It was a bit of a journey and the presentation was my homage to the multiple Blog posts that helped me through my issues.

It was very gratifying to hear that other people had also encountered the same issues that I had. When you create a new presentation, it is always a nervous experience to learn if people find value in your presentation. Thankfully, the attendees did find the presentation valuable and had run into the same issues I had.

Thanks to everyone who attended and for their great questions and discussion after the presentation. It was very enjoyable, and I met some great people whom  I hope to trade experiences with in the future. 🙂

My only regret is that the Microsoft store wasn’t open on the weekend. I think we will definitely need to make a special trip down to Faro again to visit the store in the future.

Thanks again for the organizers for selecting my talk. I was honoured to present with the other speakers. I hope I can speak at other SQL Saturdays in the future.



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