Google Code – The Premier Open Source Issue/Bug Tracker!

My apologies if the functionality provided by Google Code for Open Source Bug and Issue Tracking is well known, but I wasn’t aware of it so perhaps other people will also be unaware of it.

I was looking for a cloud Bug and Issue Tracking solution for an Agile Open Source project I was working on and I was becoming frustrated with the solutions I was seeing. We have a project team that is located in three physically different locations and we are now entering a phase of the project where the functionality provided by an issue or bug tracker hosted in the cloud is mandatory. The types of solutions I was seeing were either:

  1. Trivial, Free solutions that provided the ability to capture 2-3 fields with no email integration with little or no ability to customize.
  2. Complex, potentially pricey solutions that provided the ability to capture 15-20 fields with email integration with limited ability to customize. (and lots of other features for Source Code Management)

So I was nearing the point of no return of selecting one of the trivial solutions and resigning myself to having to figure of a way to codify my data to provide the features I required…. When I checked out Google Code…

It was Googlelicious. 🙂

It was exactly what Google is known for. Providing just the data and functions you absolutely need and then allowing you to configure it to your needs. Examples of this are:

  • The ability to turn off features like a Project Wiki or Source Code Management if I didn’t need it. Which I didn’t. Nice.
  • Standard fields to track issues and bugs like Priority, Status, Owner, and the ability to upload attachments. Cool.
  • A standard field to document if an issue/bug is blocked by another issue or bug. Coolness.
  • The ability to configure the values for these standard fields. Very Kewl.
  • Email Integration. Awesome.
  • The ability to create additional labels on each data item to track additional data items like Expected Resolution, Related Feature, and Bug Category. Very Awesome.
  • Price for Open Source Projects. $0. Wow.

So I was quite happy, and I entered my issues. Very Happy.

Then on the list screen of the issues, I noticed the Grid hyperlink. So I clicked….

Oh my god. A Kan Ban board that I can customize to any fields I choose?

Thank you Google.

I’d highly recommend checking it out if you have an Agile Open Source Project.

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